There are 4 different types of forms that you can make use of.


  1. Subscription Form
  2. Forward to Friend Form 
  3. Preferences Center (Modify Details) Form
  4. Unsubscribe Form

Subscription Form

A subscription form allows visitors to your site to add themselves to your contact list. You can gather information on your contacts in the form of any custom fields that you have created and included in your form. 

To use this type of form, simply create the form through the website form creation process, including any custom fields that you wish to gather information on. When you have finished creating the form you will be taken back to the Manage Forms page where you will see a link to 'Get HTML'. Clicking this link will present you with the HTML needed to use for the new subscription form. 

Now place this form code on your website. You can edit this form to make it look as you want so that it will look like your site. Just be sure to leave the code marked "Do not edit" intact. From here you simply wait until visitors make use of the form and add themselves to your mailing list.

Forward to Friend Form

This form is used in a slightly different way. You create the form using the same process as above but when you wish to use it you need to include it in your email campaigns in the form of a custom field. 

The reason for this is that a unique link is created so that you can record which contact forwarded the email on and at what time. 

You simply need to insert the custom field into your email campaigns and at the time of sending it will be converted into the link and sent on to your contacts.

Preferences Center (Modify Details) Form

You create this form in the same fashion as all the rest but you include this in your email campaigns as a custom field. 

In the same fashion as the Forward to Friend form, this custom field will be converted into a unique link so that your contacts can log in and manage any details that you included in the creation of the form. This may be which contact lists they are subscribed to, what details are stored for their custom fields, even their email address.

Unsubscribe Form

This form is created and used in much the same way as the subscription form except that you cannot add custom fields to it. 

Once it is created and placed on your website you can direct your contacts or site visitors here so that they can unsubscribe themselves from your contact list.