Release 5.0.1 - October 2015

We've added a small update which fixes some known minor issues and bugs in our September 2015 release.

The number represents our internal ID - it doesn't mean anything to customers but using the ID where possible helps us track issues more accurately!

More updates coming shortly.

October 1, 2015 Updates

2145 - Added a ‘Home’ icon to the menu bar. This takes the user to the dashboard / main page. The Pinpointe logo also takes users back to the dashboard page.

2152 - Fixed an error message that incorrectly occurred when you have no databases.

2164 - Modified the WYSIWYG editor ‘skin’ to be the most recent look. The update is faster.

2180 - Corrected the ‘# Credits’ counter in your account (account icon)

2225 - ** This is an important one.  We corrected the way that Opens and Clicks were being tracked. Skipping a lot of details - in summary there are some cases where an email open generates many ‘email open’  events. And others where a single link click was registered as dozens of link clicks - for example downloading a pdf document. 

The new open and link tracking will therefore now register fewer total opens / clicks but unique opens / clicks tracking is not modified.

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