These instructions will assist you in using the WordPress Plugin for Pinpointe.

Click Settings.



Set API key.



Switch to the Forms tab and enter the basic settings for Signup Form #1 (in this case - depends if you have more than one form).



While still on "Forms" tab, choose whether or not to send a Confirmation Email and if so, do wish to override the default version and add additional / edit exiting text/buttons.




While still on "Forms" tab, select the Pinpointe database in your account where the form will point to. You may also select one or more of you lists to display on the form, allowing the contact to select which list(s) they wish to be added to.


Lastly, in the "Forms" section, You may select to display any custom field in the form that is available and activated on the database. When finished, make sure to click "Save Changes" button at lower left. At the top of the WP-Admin page, the system will inform you with a horizontal popup when the setting have been saved. 



You now have two options by which to display your form on your site:

  • As a popup on one or more primary sections of your site (Home page, Pages, Posts, Everywhere else)
  • As a fixed display on Pages and/or Posts

Click the "Popup" tab to enable the form as a popup.

Click the "Form Display" tab to enable on one or more given types of site page