Anonymous Feedback form

It would be nice to be able to offer an anonymous feedback form.  I myself don't like to enter my email when giving feedback at their request. 

Hello! Thank for the recommendation; do you mean an anonymous feedback form here in the new product forum or do you mean add the ability for you as a customer, to host a for where the user can submit anonymous feedback to you?

If you mean the latter - you could use our survey feature to set up a short poll and not include a contact / email address in the survey, this making the submission anonymous.

Kindly clarify if that is what you need; also surveys are getting a major update in the next 7 ~ 10 days!

I mean the ability to embed a form on our website that does not require an email address.  Every time I try to set one up, it says "email address required".  It won't let me build a submission form without an email address.

Hi Winona

This can be accomplished by using our surveys as noted. Just select 'Surveys' from the main menu when logged in to Pinpointe.

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