System to Categorize/Tag/Sort Email Campaigns.

We have several different types of emails going out to several lists and multiple segments within the list. Since there's no way to sort them, we use the beginning characters of the campaign name to help us denote what list+segment combo the campaign was intended for. This way they show up together when we sort alphabetically, but that takes up quite a lot of the 30 character title and subject preview limit, which severely limits our ability to quickly locate a campaign using ctrl/cmd+F.

I think a labeling system would be ideal in this case. That way we can apply multiple tags to a campaign and then sort by those specific tags when we want to see a certain subset of emails. I'm sure those that have hundreds of campaigns would appreciate a dynamic ability to file and sort them as well.

Thanks for the suggestion Monika. We are looking into 2 features to help here:

  • First feature is to allow you to search Campaigns and Campaign Statistics (by subject and/or campaign name) - this will display only the results you are interested in instead of all statistics or campaigns.

  • We are also implementing "Tagged-Lists" (not sure what the final feature will be called) -- which will give you a whole new level of flexibility when selecting contacts to send to!  We will then add new reporting features too.  Stay tuned!

This feature has been implemented in our September 2015 release. You can now do on-the-fly incremental searches on campaigns and on statistics reports. Automatically search subject, campaign name and send-to audience.

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