Allow 'Search for specific campaign' on the Screens: View Campaigns and View Statistics

For customers who have several hundred / thousand campaigns and sets of campaign statistics, it is often difficult to find a specific campaign or specific set of campaign statistics because the two screens: 

-> View Campaigns and -> View Statistics  are often several pages. 

Feature Request:  

Add a Search dialog to the above screens so the user can explicitly search for campaigns, and display only the campaigns / stats for a specific campaign instead of displaying every campaign / statistic.

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I second this idea. Right now I'm using the 500 results per page view and searching with cmd+F to find a specific campaign as a workaround, but the 30 character limit for campaign titles and subject lines in the "View Email Campaigns" tab sometimes makes it hard to even do that.

I'd like to add that if a campaign search feature is too complicated to implement any time soon, then removing the 30 character limit (or at least extending to say 100) would give us users a more functional workaround using the browser's ctrl/cmd+F.


I raise my hand up for this feature too. I'm always combing through old campaigns to find the one I need to copy. This would be a great additional feature.

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