Release 4.0.1 - January 2015

Our newest Pinpointe release (v4.0.1 – January 2015) makes it easier to manage your contacts, then test and see the results of your campaigns. 

Here are some of the additions we've made:

Mark a contact as "bounced"

Now you can mark any contact in your list as "bounced". That way you can have a record that email address does not work.



Search users and save them as segments

Instead of running the same search of your contacts lists over and over, you can run the search once and save that criteria as a segment. Any additions or changes to those users are automatically made part of the segment you create. 


Delete, mark as bounced, and mark as unsubscribed directly from searches

It's now easier to manage your contacts. After a search, you can select any number of them to flag for deletion, mark as bounced, or mark as unsubscribed. No need to do so individually.

Send tests of both HTML and text versions of your campaigns

We've made it easier for you to test both your HTML and text versions of your email blasts. Select "Preview Your Email Campaign" and we'll send separate previews to both your HTML and text-only test email accounts.

Export detailed statistics for multiple campaigns

You can save both summary and detailed statistics for any number of your campaigns all at once using the improved export function. You can do this for both regular email campaigns and autoresponders.

Miscellaneous improvements

We've made the way we display dates more consistent across various screens. We've also made sure that saved files in Firefox and Safari are downloaded and not displayed on the screen instead. Separately, a bit of help text was added to let you know that list descriptions are shown to users when they're unsubscribing.

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