Reporting: Add report - Opens by Email Client Type

Track and report opens and clicks by device type. This produces a campaign report which displays  and summarizes what the client IP was when the campaign was opened  / clicked.

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I'd like to save this info to each individual contact and received campaign if possible. This would allow us to make sure they're receiving emails that are formatted correctly for their preferred client. The activity log already tracks how many times a contact opens a campaign, so it would be great if you could make it something like:
Opened Email Campaign
Subject: ____
Date: ____
Notes: ____
Device: ____
Email Client: ____

And then a summary for how the contact opens emails in general such as:
70% Mobile Gmail App, 20% Desktop Gmail, 10% other

Updating previous suggestions.  This has been implemented and is available under campaign stats for some time.

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