Synchronize contacts with

Bi-directional synchronize contacts in Pinpointe with  Provide any feedback on which of these feature components are required or nice-to-have:

A)  Map a Pinpointe list to all contacts and synchronize contacts from to Pinpointe.

B) Map multiple Pinpointe lists to records. For example:

Map all 'LEADS' to a Pinpointe list

Map all 'Contacts' to a different Pinpointe list

Map all 'Customers' to a different Pinpointe list

C) If an email hard bounces or the user unsubscribes from a Pinpointe campaign, update record to reflect the contact has unsubscribed.

D) Synchronize (push) contacts added to Pinpointe via form submissions, to a specified list

E) Schedule:

Allow manual synchronization / bi-directional update

Schedule once every 24 hours

F) Synchronize a contact's email activity (opened an email. clicked a link, etc) from Pinpointe into the contact record in

Other suggestions?  Let us know!

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Good News!  We have started development on our salesforce connector. 

First release will allow you to synchronize contacts between a Pinpointe list and 

A follow on release will include additional integration.   

Synchronizing contacts between and Pinpointe is now available with our synch.

Features include:

  • Synchronize Leads and/or Contacts to your Pinpointe database

  • Use campaigns to define a campaign; synchronize the campaign members to your Pinpointe database and manage / schedule / track the results in Pinpointe. 

  • Automatically tag contacts when synchronizing so they show up as tagged lists in Pinpointe.

To enable this feature, please contact Pinpointe support at: with your account ID and request access. We will enable the feature and provide the necessary API security key.

Does anyone using this feature have any feedback on it?

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