2018-02 February - Release #28

Release Notes - Release #28

New Features

  • [PINPOINTE-56] - Added Sub-User Feature - Multiple logins for each account 

  • [PINPOINTE-351] - Added ability to login to Pinpointe account from the Pinpointe website

  • [PINPOINTE-738] - Enterprise Edition: Domain Masking - Custom tracking URL for SubAccounts

  • [PINPOINTE-641] - Admin: Account Permissions - Option to Disable Sending to databases

  • [PINPOINTE-651] - Contacts: Added Option to View Lists in Folder Mode

  • [PINPOINTE-673] - Contacts: New Option to add contacts to a LIST in the Databases -> View Contacts screen

  • [PINPOINTE-659] - Builder: Add a Link type of "Click to call" 


  • [PINPOINTE-644] - Campaigns: Major speedup for ‘Schedule Campaigns with many lists

  • [PINPOINTE-656] - Campaigns: Record Global Suppression setting in Campaign Queue

  • [PINPOINTE-620] - Lists: Major speedups for Contacts -> Manage Lists

  • [PINPOINTE-658] - Builder: Improve the 'Insert Video' Dialog

  • [PINPOINTE-660] - Builder: WYSIWYG toolbar does not 'float'; Can obscure your work

  • [PINPOINTE-745] - Builder: Pasting content now retains links and line breaks

  • [PINPOINTE-727] - Builder: Add proper <title> to header; alt tag

  • [PINPOINTE-665] - Import Contacts: Remove 'html vs text' option. Defaults to HTML

  • [PINPOINTE-705] - Reporting: Improved the Display for Link Report

  • [PINPOINTE-675] - Custom Fields: users can create date fields with invalid components

  • [PINPOINTE-739] - Forms: Now multiple forms can be included on a given page

  • [VARIOUS]             - Various Security enhancements 

Bugs Fixed

  • [PINPOINTE-670] - Lists: Search -> Add Contacts to List(s) displays incorrect summary

  • [PINPOINTE-648] - Lists: Search Lists did not work correctly

  • [PINPOINTE-671] - Lists: Add Contacts to List with 'Create New List' does not add contacts

  • [PINPOINTE-602] - Import: Fix Date fields(s) when importing from Excel

  • [PINPOINTE-703] - Import: Duplicate/update subscribers count towards the import total

  • [PINPOINTE-603] - Contacts: Editing a contact with custom Date field causes Error

  • [PINPOINTE-663] - Contacts: Last Click/Open Date show current date if there are no clicks/opens

  • [PINPOINTE-702] - Contacts:  Title displays in Left Panel, but not in Contact Details

  • [PINPOINTE-628] - Stats: Apostrophe in link tracking causes error / invalid link when sent

  • [PINPOINTE-639] - Stats: Account Summary Report email does not include split tests

  • [PINPOINTE-715] - Search: Custom Date Fields formatted as dd/mm/yyyy do not work 

  • [PINPOINTE-720] - Search: Contact Search fails for users with many links 

  • [PINPOINTE-721] - Builder: Inserting an Anchor and a link to the anchor does not work

  • [PINPOINTE-737] - Builder: Modifying Unsubscribe Link also modifies other links

  • [PINPOINTE-794] - Builder: Corrected rendering issue associated with ‘separator’ module

  • [PINPOINTE-733] - Campaigns: Custom Unsubscribe displays wrong branding settings


Here we cover the above items in more detail.

New Features

[PINPOINTE-56] - Admin: Allow Account Owner to Share Account with Sub Users

You can now have multiple Users!  Pinpointe now allows an account owner to add sub-users, and set user-types to restrict access privileges.  Currently, the Account Owner  can create additional user logins and share the account. These users are of type ‘Manager’ and can have access to all parts of the Pinpointe account EXCEPT the Account Settings. In the future we will extend this so that the Account Owner can add further restrictions on what functionality each user has access to.

By default each account Owner can add up to 3 sub users. If you need to add more sub users, please contact support@pinpointe.com to enable more.

To add a sub-user, navigate to Account Settings -> Manage Users:



[PINPOINTE-351] -  Integrated Login 

Starting approximately March 30 2018 customers will no longer need to enter a ‘mypinpointe.com’ url to login to their Pinpointe account. Users can login directly from a link on the Pinpointe website at www.pinpointe.com

[PINPOINTE-738] - Enterprise Edition: Custom URL for Sub-Accounts

Enterprise/Agency Edition now permits the option to configure a separate tracking url for each sub account. Previously, if an Agency/Enterprise account were set to news.yoursite.com, then this was the default tracking URL used for all emails sent through Pinpointe. 

With this update, each account can have their own tracking URL. For example if you are an agency and have 2 customer accounts, the tracking urls for customer1 and customer2 respectively can now be set to:



NOTE: This option will require installation of a wildcard SSL certificate for each enabled custom URL. Contact support@pinpointe.com or your account manager for more details.

This can only be setup/configured by Pinpointe support and the option to enter a URL will only display in the ADMIN panel.

If interested, contact Pinpointe Support for details.

[PINPOINTE-641] - Security: Account Permissions - Option to Disable Sending to Databases

This is a new security feature, which allows the Administrator to disable the option for a user to send to an entire database.  

When this setting is enabled (by Pinpointe Support upon request or an Enterprise Admin), it removes the 'Send to Database' option (see red arrow below) from the campaign send screen when sending, limiting the options to sending to Lists or Segments (if applicable)


[PINPOINTE-651] - Contacts: Added Option to View Lists in Folder Mode

Folder Mode has been enabled for Viewing Lists. Go to Contacts -> Manage Lists.

You can now select the option to switch to folder mode and organize lists into folders.

Enable Folder mode:


View Folders:


[PINPOINTE-659] - Builder: Add a Link type of "Click to call" 

The Builder now allows an additional link type to be able to link either text or button to a telephone number.  This feature inserts a "Click to call" link with the following HTML <a href="tel:5555555555">.

[PINPOINTE-673] - Contacts: Add Contacts to a LIST in Databases -> View Contacts 

This is a new feature that allows the user to select one or more contacts from a 'View Contacts' screen and chose to add these to 1 or more lists.

This is similar to the 'Add to List' action and button on the Contacts -> Search screen

Navigate to:

Contacts -> Manage Databases -> View Contacts [select database]



[PINPOINTE-644] - Campaigns: Major speedup for ‘Schedule Campaigns with Many Lists

When scheduling a campaigns (Manage Campaigns -> Send, Step #2)

Step #2 when scheduling a campaign was formerly slow because the system would attempt to go re-count the contacts in each list. Large lists or accounts with a large number of lists sometimes took 60 seconds or more to complete the step while it updated counts.  This is now corrected.

[PINPOINTE-656] - (Enterprise) Campaigns: Record Global Suppression in Campaign Queue

On Email Campaigns => Campaign Queue screen, now indicates whether or not Global Suppression was bypassed when sending a campaign.

[PINPOINTE-620] - Lists: Major speedups for Contacts -> Manage Lists

The Contacts -> Manage Lists screen was previously becoming slow for customers with many lists.

This has been corrected. In addition, the lists are now sortable by each column and can be searched.

[PINPOINTE-745] - Builder: Pasting content now retains links and line breaks

Currently if you paste code into the drag and drop builder / text-area, all formatting is removed. 

This now allows pasting in which will retain any links (HREF’s), cr/lf (line breaks) and bullets.

[PINPOINTE-705] - Reporting: Improved the Display for Link Report

This campaign report previously did not display correctly. It has been corrected.

[PINPOINTE-675] - Custom Fields: Permitted Creating Date Fields with Invalid Components

If a user selected the date type when creating a new custom field, they previously were able to insert invalid entries for the date (month, day, year). This has been corrected so that only valid values can be entered.


[PINPOINTE-739] - Forms: Multiple Forms can Be Included on a Page

Previously, only 1 form could be hosted on a given page. 

Now multiple forms can exist on the same page.

Bugs Fixed

[PINPOINTE-670] - Lists: Search -> Add Contacts to List(s) Displayed Incorrect Summary

This has been corrected. When Searching contacts and then selecting the option to add contacts to a List, the counters were previously incorrect. 

[PINPOINTE-648] - Lists: Search Lists Did Not Search Information Properly

Navigate to Contacts => Manage Lists, then enter a search word in the upper right search bar. Previously the display of matching Lists was not always correct. This now returns properly values that match strings in any list name.

[PINPOINTE-671] - Search: Add Contacts to List Did not Add Contacts

On the Contacts -> Search screen, if you enter search criteria, then select 1 or more of the contacts from the list of results, and then add these contacts to a List from the pull-down and try to create a NEW list, the new list is actually not created (and therefore the contacts are not added to it).

[PINPOINTE-602] - Import: Fix Date Fields(s) when Importing from Excel

When importing date fields from Excel, we now properly support  and automatically determine the date format when dates are formatted in various ways such as d/m/yy,  or dd/m/yy or d/m/yyyy etc.

Previously, if your Excel spreadsheet had dates in various formats other than dd/mm/yyyy, the date field may not have been imported or set correctly.


[PINPOINTE-703] - Import: ‘Error: You Have Exceeded Your Contact Limit’

When importing contacts, the system previously looked at the total number of contacts in the spreadsheet, then added this count to your current total # contacts in Pinpointe, and if this was greater than the account limit, users were not able to continue uploading (without assistance from support.)  In many cases the new spreadsheet includes contacts to be UPDATED; so the total number of contacts to be added was often still within the customer’s actual account limit. 

This has been corrected. We now determine the number of NEW contacts and check against the account limit.

[PINPOINTE-603] - Contacts: Editing Contact with Custom Date Field Causes Error

In some edge cases, when editing a contact that has one or more custom fields of type DATE, upon trying to save the updated contact record, Pinpointe generated an error message and did not save. 

This has been corrected.

[PINPOINTE-663] - Contacts: Last Click/Open Date Always Shows Current Date 

If a contact has not opened any emails or clicked any links, the Last Click Date and Last Opened Date should show None, but instead it always showed the current date.

[PINPOINTE-628] - Stats: Apostrophe in Link Tracking URL Causes Invalid Link Error  

If Google Analytics tracking is enabled, and if any of the resulting utm_ tracking variables has an apostrophe, then the resulting link in the campaign would be an invalid link. This occurred typically when a list or database name included an Apostrophe and was included as one of the link utm_  variables.

This has been corrected. If a user enters an apostrophe in any utm_variable, the apostrophe is filtered out.

[PINPOINTE-639] - Stats: Account Summary Email Does Not Include Split Test Info

Account Owners can opt to have daily / weekly / monthly email summaries sent out. 

Previously this summary did not include statistics for any Split Tests sent in the period. This has been corrected and now includes Split Test data.

This setting is available for the Account Owner under the Tab Account Settings -> Account Details. See below:

[PINPOINTE-715] - Search: Custom Date Fields formatted as dd/mm/yyyy Do Not Work 

Previously, when you created a custom date field and ordered the pieces as day/month/year, searching for the field on Contacts -> Search did not return any results, regardless of how you order the input. This has been corrected. This only affected custom date fields not in mm/dd/yyyy order.

[PINPOINTE-720] - Search: Contact Search Fails when Large Number of Links

If an account has a very large number of links across their campaigns (e.g. 20,000+ total links), then goes to the Contacts -> Search screen, this page would hang because the UI could not handle the large number of links. This has been corrected.


[PINPOINTE-721] - Builder: Inserting An Anchor and Link to the Anchor Does not Work

Inserting an anchor and then a link to that anchor did not work properly (or consistently). This has been corrected.

NOTE: Some email clients, including most Apple Mobile Clients, do not support anchors in email so even though Pinpointe properly inserts the anchors and anchor links, clicking on the actual Anchor link when viewing on the mobile device will not jump to the destination link.


[PINPOINTE-737] - Builder: Modifying Unsubscribe Link Modified Other Campaign Links 

In some limited cases, if you edited the color or mode properties of a variable link such as the Unsubscribe or ‘View Web Version’ link, the editor would actually modify and update several links within the campaign. This has been corrected.

[PINPOINTE-794] - Builder: Corrected Rendering Issues Associated with Horizontal Bar

When a campaign is created with the builder and it includes a horizontal bar object, the email did not always render properly in various email campaigns. This has been corrected. 

[PINPOINTE-733] - Campaigns: Custom Unsubscribe Did Not Always Display Properly

if you view the Custom Unsubscribe settings, you are able to set those settings, but when previewing the unsub form, you'll see different settings being applied. Similar issues can occur when visiting the unsubscribe page from an actual live unsub link a subscriber receives. This has been corrected.

Note:  As of 02/23/2018, this feature is not yet available until all servers are updated.  This will be available in approximately 2 weeks.  An update will be posted here when it is available.

  • [PINPOINTE-351] - Added ability to login to Pinpointe account from the Pinpointe website

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