2017-08 August Release #26

Release Notes - Release #26 (August 2017)


New Features

  • [PINPOINTE-161] - Contact: Add 'last-open Date' and 'last-click Date' to contact record (view/edit contact)
  • [PINPOINTE-373] - Builder: Include Additional Social Icons Instagram to 'Social widget (element)'
  • [PINPOINTE-551] - Added FREE access to selection from over 40,000 Stock Photos 
  • [PINPOINTE-559] - Import: Add field-level overwrite controls when importing data
  • [PINPOINTE-593] - [Enterprise]: Allow admin to set the # of soft bounces to convert an address to a hard bounce


  • [PINPOINTE-049] - Editor: When a Campaign is deleted, do not delete associated Statistics
  • [PINPOINTE-523] - Editor: Create Campaign with WYSIWYG: Simplify Steps
  • [PINPOINTE-549] - Editor: Builder & wysiwyg allow user to enter link with spaces. Trim whitespace
  • [PINPOINTE-550] - Builder: Does not accept entering url without the http/https prefix
  • [PINPOINTE-485] - Builder: Improve the 'Insert Fields' buttons / display
  • [PINPOINTE-587] - Campaign: Remove Menu Items for HTML Templates, My HTML Templates 
  • [PINPOINTE-594] - Campaign: When sending, counting Lists causes screen to delay
  • [PINPOINTE-365] - Lists: Slow performance when large #tags: Contacts -> View Lists; View Contacts
  • [PINPOINTE-451] - Stats: Add 'Anchor Text and Link Text' to the +Link Click Report
  • [PINPOINTE-572] - Stats: Update Dashboard - Latest Stats' to show most recent campaign results
  • [PINPOINTE-598] - API: Log request and response from failed xml-api requests
  • [PINPOINTE-527] - Resources: Improve directory tree display for Resource Manager (CKFinder)
  • [PINPOINTE-599] - Contacts: Search Contacts -> Select / de-select databases times out when >1000 databases
  • [PINPOINTE-612] - Forms: Update Japanese Unsubscribe Survey and Confirmations
  • [PINPOINTE-583] - Other: Updates / Improvements to Bounce Processing
  • [PINPOINTE-611] - Security: Various security enhancements


  • [PINPOINTE-481] - Admin: error_log has repeated entries for 'user (226) has not configured social network li'
  • [PINPOINTE-539] - Sending: WYSIWYG campaign that has incorrect UTF-8 causes email send to hang
  • [PINPOINTE-554] - Alerts: Event notifications don't send unsubscribe notice for Master Unsubscribes
  • [PINPOINTE-558] - Campaign: The campaign you are trying to edit is already locked Should be a modal
  • [PINPOINTE-560] - Unsubscribe: Unsubscribe when sending to multiple databases should not display ALL databases
  • [PINPOINTE-566] - Contacts -> Manage Databases stats do not match with Stats > Database Statistics
  • [PINPOINTE-608] - Survey: Corrected glitches with radio button; display of questions
  • [PINPOINTE-609] - Autoresponders: Fixed gug with Editor - (save/exit; spam check)
  • [PINPOINTE-618] - Stats: Multiple bounces on one subscriber incorrectly increments list bounce count

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