2017-12 December - Release #27 Overview

Release Notes - Release 27

New Features

[PINPOINTE-571] - Campaigns: Add Send Time Option to only send to 'Engaged' Contacts

[PINPOINTE-591] - Segment: Add Segment by Domain Name

[PINPOINTE-592] - Segment: Add Search by Last Click & Last Open Event

[PINPOINTE-622] - Segment: New segment logic to search on geo-location Country, Region & City


[PINPOINTE-596] - DND: Built-in Builder Instagram icons in templates go to Pinterest

[PINPOINTE-650] - DND: Stock images cannot be selected/inserted into campaigns

[PINPOINTE-653] - DND Button creation tool adds null to link if protocol not selected.

[PINPOINTE-655] - DND Social icon url override doesn't save

[PINPOINTE-685] - DND Spam check pops up with Ignore and Save, regardless of score

[PINPOINTE-687] - DND: Manually setting the Unsubscribe or View in Browser links, Results in bad link

[PINPOINTE-617] - DND: Editor no longer displays warning on high spam score check

[PINPOINTE-604] - Import: File with blank lines counts these as 'new' contacts when checking account limits

[PINPOINTE-616] - Survey: Country and State Questions Don't Show on Summary

[PINPOINTE-619] - Editor:: WYSIWYG Text only version does not save changes upon edit.

[PINPOINTE-630] - Campaign: Double quote characters in name or subject does not display on edit action

[PINPOINTE-638] - Admin: Saving user settings w/o entering bounce settings resets list settings to empty

[PINPOINTE-647] - Segment: Opened x Campaigns or Clicked x Links and no value => Undefined Contacts

[PINPOINTE-669] - Lists: On Manage Lists, the 'List Actions' menu no longer works. Says ' Must Select List'


[PINPOINTE-486] - DND: Session - Warn if user attempts to open a second session in the same browser

[PINPOINTE-613] - DND: Update builder, templates, social icons to properly use httpS:

[PINPOINTE-632] - DND: Fix various html coding issues in generated code

[PINPOINTE-633] - DND: Correct adding spurious spacing (Incorporate builder .js updates)

[PINPOINTE-614] - Editor: Update builder + wysiwyg to ensure lock files are not laying around

[PINPOINTE-557] - Stats: Email Type (desktop / mobile / pad / other) - Improve Incorrect Client detection

[PINPOINTE-625] - Stats: Create a new visitor record if IP changes instead of updating old record

[PINPOINTE-629] - Stats: Improve Display for Link Report [ Show Aggregated Results ]

[PINPOINTE-582] - Stats: Re-enable Tab for Email Client Type [Update to 557]

[PINPOINTE-574] - Campaigns -> Queue, View Stats screens *really slow* when many segments

[PINPOINTE-597] -  Lists: Ensure cached counters for bounced and unsubscribed are accurate

[PINPOINTE-631] - Internal: improve control panel security

[PINPOINTE-636] - Segment: Improve logic, UI for link variants (eg: www.site.com, www.site.com/,...)

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