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Summarize email campaign statstics

I have a single campaign that I send out over several days.

I can go into statics and see a Statics snapshot for any one "sent campaign"

But, when I send the same campaign over 3 days

Select same campaign but send to a different segment each day

I would like to be able to see statics for all 3 days combined.

hi Paul

Sorry for the very late reply but if you are still following this... I think you can get the report you are asking about by doing the following:

  • Go to Stats -> View Campaign Stats
  • Now select the 3 (or 4 or 16....) different campaign sends you mentioned 
  • From the pull-down action menu at the top, select 'Compare Stats'

This will show you all the stats compared side by side. May not be exactly what you are looking for but - will this meet your requirements?

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