Provide list of email addresses a campaign is sent to

When viewing statistics on a campaign, it is not easy to see a list of the email addresses that the campaign was sent to. It would be ideal if you could see a list of everyone an email was sent to in the same section where you can see who opened or clicked on an email. I would also like the ability to export the list, similar to what you can do with the opens and clicks.

Right now the only way to see a list of who an email was sent to is to first view the list under Statistics -> Audiences, and then look-up the specific list. The downside with this process is that it doesn't provide for any auditing or accountability. Because contacts can be added or removed from a list (or the list can be deleted altogether), there is no audit trail to show that emails were ultimately sent to specific individuals.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi Gary

We are re-architecting how events are logged and stored inside Pinpointe. When that is completed it will give us the ability to produce this information (finally).  Look for possible Q3/Q4 release depending on other priorities. 

I'm not sure if the results will be displayable on the screen or exportable initially but we will have this 

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