2017-03 March Release - Overview

Below is a summary of the key fixes and updates for the March 2017 release. This release focused on improving (overhauiling) the surveys feature, fixing bugs / issues and improving the user interface.

Issue Type Key Summary
Overhaul of Surveys / Survey Improvements
The survey builder an dsurvey display rendering have been completely updated, fixing dozens of mostly smaller bugs and issues. The Survey Builder now operates on all modern browsers, is very fast and works more reliably especially for customers who created larger surveys.  Additional sepcifics:Improved Design - Nice looking default survey success/failure pagesNew Survey Option to limit single submission by IP.Session variable would on rare occasion cause survey submissions to fail unexpectedly, particularly if the Pinpointe user was logged in and editing + testing the surveyMajor re-do and improvement for survey rendering so surveys now display well on all devices
User Interface: Save Last Display Preferences (Sort Order, # Per Page, etc)
Previously if you set preferences on a given page for sort order, sort column and/or number of items to display on a page and tghen navigated away, the preferences wer enot saved. These are now retained for an improved 'user experience.'
Bug 408 Page: Manage Campaigns -> Sort By 'Name', 'Last Sent' and 'Last Edited' Did not Properly Sort
This has been fixed.
Feature 379
Several New Reports
Several New, detailed  'Account Summary' Reports (Stats -> Account Summary). This report now includes a historic summary of all interactions, including opend, clicks, unsubscribes And includes all responses to the 'Unsubscribe Survey' across your account. This provides great visibility into why your customers are unsubscribing.
New Report: Compare List Quality Stats- you can now select multiple lists (STats -> List Stats -> Select multiple) then Compare- to compare the quality of your various lists.

Feature 357 Convert Names to Proper Case and Emails to Lower Case When Importing
When importing data, we not convert certain fields, such asn First-Name, Last-Name and Compnay to 'Proper Case'. Email addresses are also converted to lower case. This improves mailmerge and can have a slight improvement in inbox placement.
Bug 369

WYSIWYG Editor: Edit Campaign, Change Subject Save, does not change name
This operation now properly saves the updated campaign name.

Task 353

Some Complex Tracking Links produce a '400' error prior to sending, when campaign links are verified.  
This has been fixed.

-- Other - Miscellaneous minor enhancements, bug fixes and security improvements.

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