2017-05 May Release - Overview

The May 2017 release includes many major enhancements with a focus on security, improved forms features and functionality and fixing a few annoying bugs.

Issue Type Issue  ID Summary
New Feature Various Security: Add SSL-Compliance; Additional Security Enhancements
Security - protecting your datra as well as protecting malicious users and hackers from abusing Pinpointe od performing Denial of Service attacks is a top priority.  The Pinpointe application is now 100% SSL-enabled to fully protect your Pinpointe sessions from malicious intrusion or session 'snooping'. This also means that all URLS, including the tracking URLs that are sent and included within your emails now include https:// links. Secure links are viewed favorably by spam filters and might result in a small improvement in inbox placement.

We've also made several security enhancements throughout the application to reduce the chanced of application 'denial of service' attacks and malicious bot attacks.

Several enhancements to form security - see below. 
Improvements Various including
Numerous  Form Updates, Form Customization, Form Language Option and enhanced Forms Security
Numerous security enhancements to reduce the chances for malicious bots (and malicious humans!) to abuse various Pinpointe forms.  This includes several sophisticated bot-busting mechanisms to thwart 'form submit bots' that could otherwise abuse forms, and submit invalid emails into your lists.

The Unsubscribe page can be further customized more easily and with more options. Advanced users can request enabling the html editor to completely customize their Unsubscribe form.

Language Settings Option. For our Internatioal customers we've addede the option to set the language for your unsubscribe and modify preference forms.

Improved Design and formatting for All Forms -- forms now are more modern and 'clean' looking with easy-to-understand sliders. This reduces confusion for recipients who want ot unsubscribe.

Easier Website form integration and SSL-secure forms. All forms are now SSL-enabled and can be placed on either non-SSL pages or https:// secured pages, including Facebook.

Other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

NOTE: ALL users who have forms are encouraged to update their forms code on their website as follows:
Edit your form in Pinpointe. You can make any additional changes if desired but at lesatg step through all options and save the form. This will update the code snippets to include the improvied formatting and security fatures.

To enable the updated / new design for each form message page and form alerts, simple select 'Reset HTML' inder the editor in each step where the page and/or email alert can be edited.

Improvement PINPOINTE-482 Increased / Improved the Campaign Queue Scheduler - Large Campaigns No Longer Delay others 
Previously, if a customer on a shared bank of servers sent a very large campaign, other customer campaigns could be delayed. We have enhanced the send queues to increase the number of simultaneous campaigns that can be sent - so smaller campaigns will no longer be stuck waiting if a larger campaign was scheduled just ahead.
Bug Fixes
PINPOINTE-468, 319, 279, 108 Campaign Builder and Editor Enhancements:
Creating a Automated Email from a builder (drag n drop) template had several errors and did not work correctly. 
Builder - uploading background image now works correctly. Previously you were unable to upload background images.
Run thje Inbox Preview multiple times in an editing session. Previously you could only do 1 Inbox Preview in a given editing session; now multiple Inbox Previews can be run.
Feature 434 Add 'Manage Archives' Page for Campaigns.
Customers who send hundreds or thuosands of campaigns will love this. The 'View Campaigns' screen now allows you to fully 'Archive' campaigns that are no longer of interest. Instead of deleting, you can 'Archive' the campaign (moving it to another page off of the Campaign management screen) so it no longer displays on RSS feeds or in the user interface. Campains can be un-archived any time.
Feature 442 Warning / Message when editing Campaigns that have already been Sent
Too often we've seen customers accidentally delete or edit a campaign that has already been sent. This isn't a problem if it was intended - but some customers did not realize they were editing a 'Live' campaign, and when they went back to find the original campaign it was of course - gone. 

428, 382 Updated Reporting, PDF Management Report
You can now print and download a PDF report for your campaigns! Simpley go to Stats -> Campaign Stats, then view the stats for a given campaign. Select 'PDF' at the top to download the report.
We've also completely re-done the Statistics -> Campaign Statistics -> View Campaign stats page so the results are much more clear
Bug Pinpointe-436

"View in Browser" Fails for Campaigns that Have RSS Disabled.
If a campaign was sent and has a 'View in Browser' link, this link did not work if the campaign was remoed from the RSS feed. This has been fixed.

Improvement Pinpointe-404

Link Checking When Scheduling a Campaign Was Slow for Campaigns with Many Links
In the final step of scheduling a campaign, we check all the links and images. This step previously could take up to 2 minutes for campaigns with a lot of links or images. The test is now completed in only a few seconds max.

Apostrophe in Subject, Campaign Name, List or Database Name Causes Problems
If any of the above had an apostrophe in the name, the item could not be edited or searched. In somce cases a display that included an item with an apostrophe (for example the search screen) would cause the page or a part of the page to not respond.

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