Ability to collect funds for event registration form

It would be nice to have the ability to create a registration form that allows us to collect funds through a paypal account. 

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Hi Winona!

Excellent feedback thank you. I believe we may be able to do this today via an integration with 3rd party forms like wooform.com or formsite.com

Are you using any of these forms tools?  If not - are you open to trying to create your form using one of these tools and then 'connecting' to Pinpointe? If so drop us a note on support at support@pinpointe.com and we can work to assist with guidance and an application note for you

I currently use Jotform. I can build the forms there, and collect payment there. Can you integrate with Jotform?


We can check. Please first create a simple form in Jotform with email first-name and last-name.

Can you then kindly submit a support ticket and we can take it from there?


But I can already collect funds through the jotform. I would like to build the form on pinpointe and collect the funds on pinpointe. How is having a form on jotform going to help with that?


The setup I mentioned would allow you to collect funds and info using Jotforms and have the data sync / be entered directly into Pinpointe. It would not replace Jotforms - it would allow you to integrate the extended functionality Jotforms offers and have that data sync'd directly into Pinpointe.

Hope that helps clarify!


Ah. That's not what I want. That is just a workaround. I would prefer pinpointe just have the ability to link to paypal. No biggie, I will just keep using jotform for now...  

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