A Way to Have Multiple Senders for Email Camnpaign

Our company's batch email system has a way to send the same email as if it were coming from a variety of email addresses based on the client's assigned sales rep.  It would be awesome if I could have the same email appear as if it were coming from a different person based on a certain field criteria (like rep ID).  I know I can make a copies of the email and do it that way, but then the data is all scattered across multiple emails.  If I could have the email come from the associated sales rep, but have all the analytics combined, that would be really great.  

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Hi Sarah

We actually have this feature today. It is a 'hidden' goodie. 

If you go to Resources -> Custom Fields you will see these 3 custom fields:




Take your current spreadsheet of subscribers you are importing.

Add these 3 columns

When you export from your CRM (I assume thats what you are doing), add the Account Manager's Send-from / reply-to email address and name to each record and map these to the above fields when importing.

Then send; any record that has a send-from address will automatically insert that (in this example, the sales rep's email and name) as the send-from.

Drop us a note at if you need more help.


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