With Pinpointe's "Send-On-Behalf-Of" you can set campaigns up to be sent from anyone on your team, as long as their email address is not generated by a free domain (i.e. @yahoo, @gmail, @live, etc.). This is a great feature many marketing departments use to send out emails on behalf of their sales reps. The feature allows you to create a more personalized campaign compared to a message that is coming from coming from someone on the marketing team or  ‘back at corporate’. The ‘Reply-To’ field can also be configured so that prospects reply directly to the local sales rep.

How To Use the "Send-On-Behalf-Of" Feature

Click on the 'Send Email' link on the home screen.

Select who you want to send your email to and the list you would like to send it to and click the "Next >>" button. On the next page, select the campaign you would like to send from by clicking in the first box and then modify the following details.

  • Send From This Name
  • Send From This Email Address
  • Send Reply Emails to:

Click the "Next >>" button. On the next page, click the "Schedule My Email" button.