The default 'send-from' and 'reply-to' email addresses are configured for each database when the it is created. When you send an email campaign, or when you create an autoresponder, you are given the opportunity to change the 'send-from' and 'reply-to' email addresses for each campaign with Pinpointe's 'Send on Behalf' feature. 

The application will then send the email out with the from and reply-to headers set to your preference.

In order to change the default 'send-from' and 'reply-to' email addresses for a list, click on the 'Manage Databases' link on the home screen.

This will display your databases along with Actions that can be done on each list (on the right). Select the 'Edit' button for the database you want to modify the 'send-from' and 'reply-to' email addresses

This will display the 'Edit Contact List' menu, where you can easily change these values. When you're done, click the "Save" button.

Note: You must use a must a valid email address. You cannot use addresses with free domains (i.e. @yahoo @gmail @aol), as these have set their DMARC policies to block emails sent through an email service from free domains. We always recommend that you use an email address with a business domain.