Pinpointe has created a new "Send-On-Behalf-Of" feature that provides users with increased flexibility in designating their database send-from address(es) when sending campaigns. 

Options include:

  • Default - User may elect to allow the system to select the default send-from address for the target database OR user may override this default and directly enter an alternative send-from address for this specific campaign send event.

  • Contact Owner - User may add a send-from address custom field to their contact CSV file (or provide when using the appropriate API call), thereby appointing a specific send-from address for each contact. 

  • Database Owner - In the event a user wishes to send to more than a single database for a given send event, this option will instruct the system to use the default send-from address for each respective database. 

This new "Send-On-Behalf-Of" feature is disabled by default but can be requested by the account owner to be enabled by Pinpointe Support. Presented below is a walk-through of the feature's elements when enabled.

Hierarchy of Send-From Address(es)

When a user (account owner) first creates their account, they are asked to designate an account-level send-from and reply-to email address. This account-level send-from address becomes the default send-from address used by the system when you create a new database. In Fig 1 below, a new database is being created. The account-level send-from address ( is automatically inserted into the "Default Send-From Email Address:" field. 

Fig 1

At this stage, the user may change the send-from address for this particular database by inserting a different address into the Default Send-From Email Address:" field.  For sake of illustration, in Fig 2 the send-from address has been changed to but the reply-to address has not been modified. In actual practice, it is advised that your send-from and reply-to addresses be the same.

Fig 2

"Send-On-Behalf-Of" Options at Campaign Send Time

Now assume a user wishes to send a campaign to the "Demo Database 1" database (or a segment / list based on this database). During the send process the user will come to the Send An Email Campaign page. Here, the user may elect to override the database-specific send-from address assigned at the time the database was created (in our example above, 

The new "Send-On-Behalf-Of" feature provides the user with three options at campaign send-time. These options are presented in a drop-down list just to the right of the input label, "Send From Options:".

"Default" Option

The initial / default setting shown is "Default". If the user makes no changes, this setting instructs the system to use the current database-specific send-from address, which in our example, is However, the user may elect to use a different send-from address for just this particular campaign send. To continue the example, we have decided that for this one particular campaign send event, we will use

Please note: This send-from override will be for this particular campaign send only. The database-specific send-from address will remain See Fig 3 below.

Fig 3

"Contact Owner" Option

When the "Send-On-Behalf-Of" feature is enabled, the user has the option of using Pinpointe's "Send-From" Custom Field.  This allows a user to create a field (column) in their CSV file where they can insert a send-from address specific to that individual contact. See Fig 4 below for an example CSV file. 

Fig 4

The user will create a corresponding custom field in the target database to allow the system to map over the send-from addresses during the CSV file import. When the user sends a campaign, they will then have the ability to select the "Contact Owner" option for the "Send From Options:" field. During the actual sending process, the send-from address used for a given contact will be the send-from address imported in from the CSV file. See Fig 5 below. 

Fig 5

Please note, Pinpointe also provides a "Send-Text" custom field that allows the user to specify the per-contact sender text, and a "Reply-To" custom field that allows the user to specify a per-contact reply-to address. 

"Database Owner" Option

In certain scenarios a user may want to send to multiple databases for a given send event. These databases may have different send-from addresses, and the user may want the contacts in each of the different databases to receive the email from that database's respective send-from address. The "Database Owner" option provides this capability.

If you have any questions regarding the "Send-On-Behalf-Of" feature, please contact Pinpointe Support for assistance.