Here is a quick overview of the basic feature areas in Pinpointe. You can also read our complete feature list, which describes everything we have to offer.

1.  Email Campaigns. Pinpointe's email marketing solution lets you easily create email blasts, send them to your subscribers and make sure those emails are delivered to their inboxes. 

  • Extensive template selection - start from professionally-built email layouts
  • WYSIWYG Editor - customize your emails similar to the way you'd write a Microsoft Word document
  • Drag-n-Drop Campaign Editor - easy yo use builder that allows you to quickly create awesome, mobile responsive campaigns
  • Campaign Previewer - see how your email will look in different email clients and on mobile devices
  • Automated List Import - easily create new mailing lists or use the ones you have already
  • Spam Check - ensure your emails don't contain content that will cause them to be blocked
  • Reputable Servers - our Internet certifications mean our emails are accepted by more inboxes
  • Social Media Integration - add Twitter, Facebook and other sharing links in one-click
  • Email Scheduling - set your campaigns to be sent anytime in the future, choose to send in multiple, smaller batches or use Pinpointe's "predictive send" feature 

2.  Performance Measurement. Pinpointe has a full suite of tools to track how successful your campaigns have been. 

  • Opens - how many people opened your email
  • Click-Throughs - how many people clicked a link in your email and which ones
  • Hard Bounces - whether an email address returned your email as permanently undeliverable
  • Soft Bounces - whether an email address bounced because of a vacation message or temporary error
  • SPAM - see if a reader blocked your email because they felt it was SPAM
  • Digital Footprints - identify whether that person opened your email, when they did and which links they clicked
  • Google Analytics Integration - measure end-to-end success rate, from emails to web conversion 

3.  List Management. We make managing your mailing lists easier too, so you don't have to organize them by hand.

  • De-duplication - we ensure your contacts get the same email only once, even if they're on more than one list
  • Opt-out Database - we keep track of who opts-in and who doesn't
  • Hard Bounce Flagging - we automatically disable addresses in your list that are permanently undeliverable
  • Soft Bounce Flagging - after several tries, we automatically disable addresses that have temporary errors
  • Blocked Addresses - you can block any individual or domain from receiving your emails
  • Segments - search all your lists for certain people based on various criteria and only email them
  • Tagged Lists - offering more flexibility in managing your contacts and target audience

4.  Campaign Automation. For advanced email marketers, we also have a full automation platform that allows you to send custom emails to each reader, then tailor future emails to that individual, based on that his or her behavior and interests.

  • Autoresponders - send an email automatically sometime after a contact joins your mailing list
  • Triggers - send another email based on a date, or, when a reader opens a message or clicks on a link
  • Drip Marketing - combine several autoresponders and triggers to engage the reader over time
  • Split Testing - send one version of an email to some and another to the rest; we tell you which did better

There are many other creative Pinpointe features, including the ability to create surveys, publish website lead capture forms, and integrate third-party systems.