Pinpointe's campaign collaboration feature lets you set up your account so that only certain team members you designate are able to approve campaigns.  Campaigns that are not approved need to be reviewed and approved before they can be sent. As Account Owner, you have all permissions, including the ability to approve or disapprove a campaign. You may grant no, partial or all permission levels to any teammate you add to your account, including the ability to also approve campaigns. 


What is a Subuser (Teammate)?

A teammate, or what we also call a "subuser", is a person who you (the "account owner") add to your Pinpointe account who is given the designation of "account manager". As account owner, you can invite other team members, then designate their roles and restrict what features and functionality each team member has access to. When you first set your account up in Pinpointe, you will be able to add up to five teammates at no charge. For additional teammates, there is a nominal monthly fee. Each teammate can be given their own login ID and can set their own password. 

As noted, you, as the account owner, can set restrictions on how each teammate may interact with certain aspects of the account, including campaign emails. 

The four levels of access to campaign email assets you may set are:

  • No Access (Selecting No-Access will de-select the other three checkboxes for the specific teammate).
  • View (Read-Only)
  • Manage (The ability to 'Create/Edit/Delete/Send' campaign emails that are approved )
  • Control (All the permissions of Manage + ability to approve --> in essence, the same level of access as the account owner)

Please note that as account owner, you have the unilateral ability to change teammate permission levels at anytime. 

In the following sections we'll explore in more detail the four different permission levels, but first let's take a look at how to set your teammates' campaign workflow access. 

For more information on how to create a Teammate, please read the article, Managing Subusers.

Setting Campaign Workflow Permissions

Once you have created a teammate and navigated to the Manage Users page in the "Account Settings" section, you can begin to set permission levels. In the example below we are going to set the Campaign asset permission level for the teammate, "DRBDRB-SUB". To begin, click the "Manage Permissions" link as shown.

You will now see a list of three asset categories, including "Campaigns", the category we will focus on. To start, we will set the permission level to "No Access" by checking the circular box to the left of the option. After making your selection, be sure to click the blue box with the check mark to save and apply your setting.

"No Access" Permission Level

As indicated in the image below, the "No Access" setting results in the "Email Campaign" feature set and menu option being removed from the teammate's account. While they can still review the statistical results of a campaign send, they have no access to the campaign assets otherwise. 

"View" Permission Level

As indicated in the image below, the "View" setting provides the "Email Campaign" feature, allowing the teammate the option of selecting "Manage Campaigns" from the drop down menu.

Clicking "Manage Campaigns" will bring up the View Email Campaigns page.  The teammate will be limited to only viewing campaigns.

"Manage" Permission Level

As indicated in the image below, the "Manage" setting provides the "Email Campaign" feature, allowing the teammate the option of selecting all the campaign asset options from the drop down menu.

A teammate may create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign. They can view the campaign queue section and track the sending status of campaigns. The teammate may also send a campaign, but only if that campaign is approved.


As can be seen in this image, the teammate has the ability to send the campaign, "xzZ" since it has been approved, but does NOT have send privileges for the campaign, "Copy of xzZ", since the status of that campaign is unapproved.  If "Copy of xzZ" subsequently becomes approved, the teammate will then be able to send that campaign as well. 

"Approve" Permission Level

As noted at the beginning of this article, a teammate with the permission level of "Approve" has the same level of access and control as does the account owner. This teammate may approved currently unapproved campaigns and subsequently send them. This also means that these teammate-approved campaigns will be available to be sent by any other teammate whose permission level has been set at "Manage".