What is a Subuser?

A subuser is a person who you (the "account owner") add to your Pinpointe account who is given the designation of "account manager". When you first set your account up in Pinpointe, you will be able to add up to five subusers at no charge. For additional subusers, there is a nominal monthly fee. Each subuser can be given their own login ID and can set their own password. You, as the account owner, can set restrictions on how each subuser may interact with certain aspects of the account.

The three areas of your account that you can set access restrictions on are:

  • Contact management
  • Campaign management
  • Statistical reporting

The three levels of access are:

  • No Access (Selecting No-Access will de-select both of the other two checkboxes below for the specific sub-user)
  • View (Read-Only)
  • Manage (read/write/edit/delete as appropriate)

Creating a Subuser

To create a subuser, role your cursor over the avatar image at the top right of your account dashboard page. A drop down field will appear filled with certain account information and a link called "Account Settings". Click on this link.

After clicking on the "Account Settings" link, you will be redirected to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page.  You will be in the Accounts Details section and will see the section title underlined. Click the Manage Users link next to it.

You are now in the Manager Users section. If this is the first time creating a subuser for this account, you will only see a listing for yourself. Please note that that "Account Type" says "Account Owner". To add a subuser, click the grey "Add User" button on the far right.

A form will pop up (see example below) that allows you to add the required information for your new subuser.

You can set the initial username, contact name and email address, and password.  The default status of the subuser will be active and the language English. The system will automatically fill in the "Account Type" as "Account Manager".

Once you have completed filling out the form, click the "Add Subuser" button at the lower right.

You will now be back in the Manage Users section, but you will see your subuser has been added. Note that the "Account Type" for your subuser is "Account Manager".

By default, your subuser will have all the permission levels you have in terms of access to all account assets such as contacts, campaigns, etc. They will NOT, however, have the ability to set or change permission levels. That ability is reserved for you, the account owner. If this is the level of access you wish your subuser to have, you may exit the Account Settings section and need to do nothing further. However, if you wish to modify your subuser's account access, click the "Manage Permissions" link as indicated in the example below.

You will now see a drop down list of account assets you may apply restrictions to.

For Contacts, Campaigns or Reports, you may grant "No Access" (which includes no visibility - the menus to access this asset category will be removed from the subuser's account view).

You may grant the ability to View the asset, but disable the ability to add / edit / delete the asset (this does not include Reports - a subuser can only either have full access or none at all) .

Or you may grant full access to Manage the asset with the same level of permission the account owner has. 

When you have made your selections, click the blue box with the check mark inside of it to apply your modified permissions. 

You will also note that on the far right of every subuser there is a "mask" icon and an "X". Clicking on the "mask" icon allows you to log in as your subuser. Clicking on the "X" permanently deletes this subuser.