The primary purpose of this call is to allow the user to create a journey via the API by specifying the list the journey will target and what newsletter (whether a "standard" newsletter template or a "journeys" newsletter template) that will be sent to the target list. The user may also allow the journey to be reentrant, meaning the journey will automatically terminate with an "unenroll" node, which allows a user who has already passed through the journey to be re-enrolled. This option will be discussed more fully below.

JSON Request Example

  "username": "JohnDoe",
  "usertoken": "abc123abc123abc123abc123",
  "requesttype": "Journeys",
  "requestmethod": "AddJourneyNewsletter",
  "details": {
    "list": "{*list_id or list_name*}", /* required */
    "send_newsletter": "{*newsletter_id or newsletter_name*}", /* required */
    "resend": "{*boolean*}"


"json_request" element

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to login to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

"details" element

Field NameDescription
ID number of the list to be targeted by the journey

The newsletter template ID or name to be sent to those contacts who are enrolled in this journey
resend (optional)Set as true1 or yes to allow journey to be reentrant. Default is false. NOTE: You cannot make an EXISTING journey reentrant if that journey is "active" or "suspended". The journey must first be made "inactive", either through the GUI or via the journey-ChangeJourneyStatus API call. Once the inactive journey has been made reentrant, the user may make it active or suspended once again. 

Please note: ALL OPTIONAL elements that are not used should be deleted from submitted call. 

Successful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return SUCCESS if the journey has been successfully created
dataList ID
Campaign ID
New Journey ID
new: Boolean response of either "true" or "false" indicating whether this
journey is new or is an existing journey whose reentrant status is being changed.
resend: If journey is inactive, return data will indicate results of call. If journey is active
 or suspended, returned data will indicate status could not be changed as a result. 

Unsuccessful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return FAILED if unsuccessful
errormessageText explaining why request failed