The primary purpose of this call is to allow the user to update / modify an autoresponder that had been initially created using the AddAutoresponder API call. This call allows the user to update / modify the autoresponder's title, the subject of the AR email campaign, the HTML of the AR campaign, the tag (list) used as an optional filter criteria if membership to that list is the desired filter, the "Send from" text, the "Send from email address" and the "Reply to email address". In addition, the user may elect to pause an active autoresponder, or resume a currently paused one. 

JSON Request Example

  "username": "DRBrel2",
  "usertoken": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "requesttype": "Autoresponders",
  "requestmethod": "UpdateAutoresponder",
  "details": {
    "autoresponder": "{*auroresponder-id or autoresponder-name*}", /* required */
    "title": "{*autoresponder title*}", /* optional */
    "subject": "{*autoresponder subject*}", /* optional */
    "htmlbody": "{*HTML content*}", /* optional */
    "tag": "{*tag-id or tag-name*}", /* optional. If name is not found it will create the tag */
    "fromname": "{*from name*}", /* optional */
    "fromemail": "{*from email*}", /* optional */
    "replytoemail": "{*reply-to email*}", /* optional */
    "pause": "{*boolean*}" /* optional, true will pause, false will resume */

"json_request" element

Field NameDescription
Username used to log into Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

"details" element

Field Name
autoresponder - (required)
The autoresponder ID or name user wishes to update / modify
title - (optional)The updated title of the autoresponder
subject - (optional)The updated subject line of the AR email
htmlbody - (optional)The updated HTML of the AR email
tag - (optional)User can provide a new tag (list) ID or name to change the tag (list) membership filter (if such a filter is desired). If the new tag (list) does not exist, the system will create it. 
fromname - (optional)The updated "From" text to be used in the AR campaign
fromemail - (optional)The updated "Send-from" email address to be used for the AR campaign
replytoemail - (optional)The updated "Reply-to" email address to be used for the AR campaign
pause - (optional)A boolean value that allows the user to pause an active autoresponder or to resume a currently paused one. A "truthy" value of "1', "Yes" or "True" will pause an active AR, while a "falsey" value of "0", "No" or "False" will resume a paused AR. 

Successful Response

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return "SUCCESS" if the call successfully updates the specified autoresponder

Unsuccessful Response

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return "FAILED" if call request unsuccessful
errormessageText explaining general reason request failed