The purpose of this call is to allow the user to retrieve the summary engagement results of campaign(s) sent as part of an Autoresponder sequence. The results can either be a single set of aggregated values for all campaign sends for a given autoresponder, or the engagement data per send for all sends for a given autoresponder. 

JSON Request Example

  "username": "DRBrel2",
  "usertoken": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "requesttype": "Autoresponders",
  "requestmethod": "GetAutoresponderResults",
  "details": {
    "autoresponderid": "{*autoresponder_id*}",
    "autorespondername": "{*autoresponder_name*}",
    "grouping": "{*string: autoresponder|send*}",
    "pagination": {
      "limit": "{*max_records*}",
      "next": "{*start_at_record_number*}"

"json_request" element

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to log in to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

"details" element

Field NameDescription
autoresponderid - (optional)The autoresponder ID of the autoresponder in question
autorespondername - (optional)
The autoresponder name of the autoresponder in question

NOTE: If both ID and name supplied, the first parameter value found is used.
NOTE: If neither ID or name are given, ALL autoresponders are returned subject to pagination parameters if used.
Grouping - (optional)
Default is "autoresponder" if not specifically provided. 
-- values"autoresponder" - The engagement stats for a given autoresponder are aggregated into a single return record. 

"send" - A separate summary stats record is returned for each individual send of a given autoresponder.
Pagination - (optional)
If "Pagination" fields omitted, call will return as many records as allowable given system memory constraints.
limit - (optional)An integer representing the maximum number of records to be returned for the respective call
next - (optional)After the call has returned the first and each subsequent group (if any) of records subject to the "limit" value, the response will include a pagination section with the appropriate "next" value to return the next sequential chunk of records, or "0" if all records have been returned.

Successful Response

"response" element

Field Name Description
statusWill return "Success" if the call results in returned Autoresponder engagement data. See example below.

Unsuccessful Response

"response" element

Field Name
statusWill return "FAILED" if call request unsuccessful
errormessageText explaining general reason for request failure