Add a subscriber to active autoresponders.

JSON Request Example:     

  "username": "JohnDoe",
  "usertoken": "abc123abc123abc123abc123",
  "requesttype": "Autoresponders",
  "requestmethod": "AddToAutoresponders",
  "details": {
    "email": "{*email_address*}", /* required */
    "list": "{*list_id*}" /* required */


"json_request" element

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to login to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

"details" element

Field NameDescription
Email address of contact to be added to active autoresponders
ID of list that subscriber is in and has active autoresponder sequences attached to it

Successful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return SUCCESS if user was successfully added
CAUTION: Adding a contact who is already part of the specified 
autoresponder will still return as successful. This contact will
then receive any and all drip emails which they are qualified to receive,
even if they have received these drip campaigns before. 

Unsuccessful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return FAILED if unsuccessful
errormessageText explaining why request failed