1) Click on the “Automate Emails” link on the home screen.

2) Click on 'New Automated Email Sequence' button.

3) Select the database you want to send to, then click the “Next” button.

4) Name the autoresponder. Then decide if you want to mail everyone on the list you just selected, or if you want to use some search criteria.

This is what the search criteria interface looks like. It will give you a count of how large your list will be after you’ve applied the search criteria:

5) This next page is where a lot of the magic happens. The defaults here are probably best left as is unless you’ve got a specific reason to change them. For example, in “Sending Options.” Unless you’ve got a specific reason to do otherwise, send people the first autoresponder immediately after they’ve signed up. You want to engage them at the moment when they are most interested. They may be busy later.

The one exception is the bottom section where you’ll pick from three options:

  • Create the content of my automated email sequence content from scratch
  • Use a template as the basis of my automated email sequence
  • Copy an existing campaign as the basis for my automated email

I recommend using a template for your autoresponders, even if you have to save this page, leave it and go create the template. Templates save hours and hours of time. They also reduce mistakes and rendering problems.

For this example, I've used an existing Welcome email campaign that was set up previously; that will be the template for this particular autoresponder.

The next step is to click “Next>>."

6) Now edit the first autoresponder of the series, just like you would any other email message and click 'Save and Exit.'

7) To view the autoresponder you just created, go to the Automated Emails tab > Manage Drip Campaigns.

You will see your AR queued up.

To add the second one, click the “Add New Automated Email” button. In the second page of creating the next autoresponder message, under “Sending Options” define when you want the second autoresponder to go out.

For the example, I want the next one to go out in two days, so I’ll change the pull-down menu to days, and set it to 2.
Then finish this form, edit the email in the next screen, and click “Save and Exit”. That will finish the second email in this autoresponder series. 

Repeat for any additional emails you want included in your autoresponder series.