There are three main reasons why this occurs:

  1. The most common reason your contacts would not receive your Autoresponders is because they have not yet been activated. When an autoresponder is created or edited, the autoresponder is de-activated. It must first be activated to work.


To check this, go to the Automated Emails tab -> Manage Drip Campaigns

    Notice the RED X in the example above indicating that the Autoresponder is not Active. To Make it ‘Active’ and start functioning, just click on the RED X and it will change to a GREEN CHECKMARK indicating it is ‘Active’ and ready to trigger.

  2. Another reason for your contacts not receiving your autoresponders is because of incorrect match criteria.  
    If your contacts are signed up as only wanting to receive HTML emails and you have also made your sign-up form only to allow users to subscribe as 'HTML', then you will have a list of contacts that will be stored as 'HTML' contacts.

 When you created your autoresponders, if you have set 'Match Format' to 'Text' this will look at all of your contacts and send to only those contacts that have chosen to receive 'Text' emails.

    To fix this, simply change the 'Match Format' option to 'Either Format.'

  3. The last common reason is when uploading contacts into Pinpointe you didn't to select the option 'Yes, add contacts to autoresponders.'
    If you did not do this when you uploaded your contacts, then any contacts added will not be added to your autoresponders. If you have already uploaded / added contacts to the list and want them to be in Autoresponders, but did not select this on import, reload your contacts and on on the Import Contacts from a File screen, select both of the options:

    -  Yes, overwrite existing contact details
    -  Yes, add contacts to autoresponders