In Pinpointe, and other Email Marketing Platforms, this type of email is often referred to as one of 3 related names: 

a)  Automated Emails

b)  Autoresponders

c)  Drip Campaigns

All 3 are essentially the same thing.  Email Designs setup to send in a sequence of time when a certain criteria or set of criteria are met.

This is a powerful tool to use when creating Automated Emails (Autoresponders / Drip Campaigns).

When creating Automated Email Sequences, it is very important to think through the process before creating them.

1)  Did you already upload any contacts into the Database the Automated Email is built upon?

2)  Are there existing contacts in the database that I want to include in this AE sequence?

2a)  If so, are there any that may meet the criteria for more than one, or even all of the AEs in the sequence (Important because if that is the case and you choose to send the sequence to existing contacts, some contacts or all contacts could immediately get all emails in the sequence at one time - Not good!).