You can export detailed email campaign statistics for a single email campaign to a csv file.

When doing so, you have the following export options:

  • All stats (Statistics Snapshot) - Includes all of the following in one file
  • Open Statistics Only
  • Link Statistics Only
  • Social Link Statistics Only
  • Bounce Statistics Only
  • Unsubscribe Statistics Only
  • Forwarding Statistics Only

To export detailed stats for a single campaign:

Go to: Menu [Statistics >Email Campaign Statistics]

Click on the 'View' link to the far right of the email campaign name (see below):

That will open up the Statistics Snapshot screen (see below):

To export All statistics for this email campaign, click on the orange icon labeled 'Export Campaign Details' (See above):

To export any of the other statistics by themselves, i.e., open stats, or unsubscribe stats, etc., click on the tab for the associated stats you want, then click on the orange icon to Export those specific statistics. (see example below for Exporting Open Statistics):