Email "open" tracking is enabled by default when you send a campaign. 

When you send a tracked HTML email message, Pinpointe adds a small, transparent tracking image (sometimes called a web beacon) within the content of the HTML message (note - Open statistics cannot be directly tracked for text-only emails.)  When the recipient opens the message, the tracking image is referenced from the Pinpointe server.  Our server can then determine that the email has been opened, and your tracking statistics are updated.

If the recipient has images blocked by default, which is increasingly common, then the image will not be initially fetched, and we will not be able to track that the email has been opened.  If the recipient selects 'download images' or 'display images', then the image will be fetched, and the 'email open event' will be tracked. 

Note on "Text-only" Emails: Open statistics cannot be directly tracked for text-only (i.e. non-HTML) emails; however if a link in the email is clicked, then the text-only email can be assumed to have been opened.

Link Click Tracking

When your email is sent from Pinpointe, the links within your email are first added to an internal database in Pinpointe.  The links in your email are replaced with a link that references the link that has been added to the database.

When a recipient clicks on a link, they are first directed to our database, which that registers the click event; the recipient is then immediately and transparently re-directed to your specified destination link. Link 'click' events can be tracked for both HTML and text-only campaigns. Link tracking is ENABLED by default and can be disabled at the time you send campaigns.