How to View a List of Unsubscribed Email Addresses

Go to the Contacts tab and from the drop-down menu select Search.

The next page will then give you some filtering options. For the criteria in the group of filtering options select [Activity Status]  [is]  [unsubscribed]

Now click the Display Results box - this will display a list of all Unsubscribed email accounts.


How to Export a List of Unsubscribed Email Contacts 

Go to the Contacts tab -> Export Contacts to a File

On the next page, under "Which contacts do you want to export?," select the radio button next to Do an 'On-The-Fly' Search for Contacts."

Then select the database(s) you would like to export the unsubscribes from - you can also select "--All Databases--" to export your unsubscribes from all databases. Click the "Next >>" button.

A popup box will appear - select "Unsubscribed" and click the 'Continue' button.

Next, under "FILTER BY BASIC DETAILS," select: Confirmation Status: Both Confirmed and Unconfirmed and click the 'Next' button.


Now select the File Format in which you wish to save your exported list (CSV or XML).

Only select to export the ‘Email Address’ Field; select ‘None’ for all other fields. Click the 'Next >>' button.

Finally, select ‘Start Exporting...’ button to export your list of Bounced Email contacts 

When the export is complete, the screen will display a message for you to 'Click here to download the export file.Click to download the file to your browser downloads.