A contact list is a database that stores your subscribers. Pinpointe refers to contact lists as 'databases.' You need to have at least one database, but you can create as many as you'd like. Instead of using several databases, Pinpointe recommends only using one database and adding tagged lists and segments to it. Companies often use different tagged lists when they want to group certain types of contacts together. For example, you might have one tagged list with contacts who registered on your website, and another for those who you met at a trade show.

To create a database, click the 'Manage Database' link on the home screen

On the next screen, click the 'New Contact Database' button.

When the new screen appears, give your database a name and description. The description is optional, but it will be displayed to subscribers when changing preferences or unsubscribing. You will also want to go through the other fields and modify if necessary.

You can hover your mouse over the question marks for a description of each field. 

Some notes:

  • List Name. Your readers will see this if they unsubscribe, so ensure it is accurate.
  • List Description. They will see this as well. A one sentence description that highlights the reason for and benefit of your list may keep them from unsubscribing. 
  • Default Send-From Text. Readers see this as the person or company the email came from. You might choose your name, company name or something readers will relate to. Avoid clinical descriptions like "Discount Mailing List".
  • Default Send-From Email Address. Readers see this as the email address that sent the message.
  • Default Reply-To Email Address. If a reader hits their reply button, their message will be addressed to this email account. It can be the same as the Send-From address above. Some choose to not allow replies by setting this to a mailbox that isn't monitored (e.g. noreply@company.com). If possible, you should set this to a monitored email address, to provide another avenue of engagement to your customers.

The next part of the page lets you select what fields you'd like to use for this list.

Every list includes basic fields like Email Address. Custom fields allow you to include other information such as First Name, Last Name and Company. They are created elsewhere. You select which ones you'd like to use in the Custom Fields section. There is no harm in selecting more fields that you will use immediately. When you view the contacts in your list, it will show the fields checked in the Visible Fields.

The final section includes your company information. Pinpointe is a CAN-SPAM compliant service, and accurate information is required for all outgoing emails.

Once this information is entered, click the Save button. Your new database is now set up. You can now import contacts to your database.

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