If you have multiple contacts in your list(s) that you want to Unsubscribe or Delete at one time (Bulk Delete or Bulk Unsubscribe), follow the instructions below.

First, if you have a large number of contacts, you many want to manually create a text or CSV file containing the email addresses for each database that you want to Unsubscribe or Delete contacts email addresses from. The file should only contain 1 contact email address per line.

As an alternative to manually creating the list of unsubscribes/deletes, you can create a segment of those contacts and export it to a csv file (only export the email address field).

WARNING: Your list must be email addresses ONLY; DO NOT include any other fields.

To Remove or Unsubscribe Contacts:

Go to the Contacts tab -> Bulk Remove.

Next, select the contact list that contains the contacts you want to permanently delete or unsubscribe and click the "Next >>" button

On the next page, you have a couple of options that are pretty self-explanatory. You have the option to either:
    a)  Type the email addresses of contacts into a text box
    b)  Upload the file you manually created that contains the list of email addresses

Then you can choose from the drop down box next to "For the contacts above:" to either:
    a)  Mark them as unsubscribed (recommended), or
    b)  Remove them from your list permanently

After you have chosen your options, load your list (or type it). When you are done, click the "Next >>" button and the list of contacts to be Deleted or Unsubscribed from your database.

Repeat this process for all databases from which you want to Delete or Unsubscribe contacts.