The following scenarios are supported with the new unsubscribe and Preferences Center:

  • Customer sends campaign to single list (OR to a segment which includes only 1 list); Subscriber can unsubscribe from the list or from all email. Only the list sent-to will be displayed + ‘unsubscribe from all’.

  • Customer sends campaign to multiple lists (OR – to a segment which represents more than 1 list); Subscriber can change subscribe / unsubscribe preferences for one or more of the lists, or from all email. Only the lists sent-to will be displayed. If the subscriber status is NOT Active on any of the lists – the email is still sent.

  • Customer has many lists but wants to create a custom preferences center where Subscriber can select to subscribe / unsubscribe from the list of lists. Important differentiator – this may include one or more lists that the Subscriber is presently NOT subscribed to. In this way – the Subscriber might be presented with other lists that they were not familiar with.

  • Recipient choices are updated. If Subscriber was not on one or more of the lists presented and chooses to subscribe, they will be added.

  • Customer uses custom fields to segment. Subscriber can select their preferences.  In this case – Customer creates a custom Update Preferences form.