If you would like to place an unsubscribe form on your website, you can create an 'unsubscribe form' using the forms tool. This will allow you to place an unsubscribe form directly on your website. 

On the Pinpointe home screen click on the 'Resources' tab > Forms 

A new screen will pop up. Click on the 'Create a Website Form' button, which will bring up a new page. 

Under FORM NAME & TYPE, click in the in the box next to "Choose a Form Type," select "Unsubscribe Form (HTML on Your Site)" and name your form (i.e. Unsubscribe From Newsletter)

Select the contact list(s) that you would like to include on the unsubscribe page. Click the "Next >>" button.


On the next page, you can choose your form design from the drop down box located next to "Choose a Form Design." You can also select the campaign format here and if you'd like to use CAPTCHA Form Security. Preview your form design by clicking on the orange "Preview Form" button. When you are done, click the "Next >>" button.


Next, you can customize how your confirmation page looks, along with the email unsubscribers receive. 

Click the "Next >>" button when you are done.

Now you will see a page that allows you to customize how your error page looks. Click the "Save" button when you are done.


The HTML code* will then show up. Copy it and send it to your website administer. To copy the HTML code, click in the text box, highlight the text, and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.


Click on the "OK" button, your form will be saved.


Note: Be sure to test your form after you place it on your site.


* This code can only be used on your own website and will not be hosted by Pinpointe.

Since you will be using a link unsubscribe page on your site, Pinpointe will not recognize that you have placed an unsubscribe link in your email campaign.

Below is the workaround.  

You are going to create an unsubscribe link, but color it white.  

At the bottom of your email enter the following: 

xx  unsubscribe me  xx 
(you need the xx's)


  • Highlight only the 'unsubscribe me'
  • Select the font color tool and change the color to white (or your email background color)
  • Now select the 'link tool' in the editor to add a link. A popup link box will appear.
    In the dropdown box under Protocol - select <other>
    In the box under URL type %%unsubscribelink%%/
    Click the green OK button and close the popup box by clicking the red X circle.

  •   Carefully delete the xx's on each end.

Note - you need the xx's because if you try to simply insert a link then set the color to white, the editor will reset the link color to the default blue-underline.