Have a list of people who you always want to suppress from receiving emails?

If you have a list of emails less than 3,000 contacts that you would like to suppress, Pinpointe support can enable the suppression list feature for your account upon request. 

To do so, send your request via email to support@pinpointe.com asking that suppressions be enabled. Include the following in your email:

  • Your account ID, and
  • The number of contacts to suppress, 

If you have more than 3,000 suppression contacts or if you are an Enterprise Edition customer, send your request to support@pinpointe.com.
We will provide specific instructions for managing your suppressions.

Once suppression lists have been enabled by Pinpointe, you can upload your banned / suppressed emails. 

A few things to note when uploading your suppression lists:

  • The suppression list must be a CSV file with 1 email address per line and *no other columns*.  
  • Do not include a header column (such as 'email-address') - just a list of emails.
  • You can suppress an entire domain by including the domain preceded by the '@'.  
    For example: 

To add a suppression list:

Go to the Contacts tab > Suppress an Email or Domain

Select which list you want to suppress the contacts from and select one of the two options below it.

Once you either type in the email addresses and/or domains or load the csv file, click the 'Save' button.

Now when a campaign is sent, Pinpointe will check your banned users list and remove any emails from the list of recipients at the time you schedule an email campaign. These are calculated real-time, just before the email is ready to send.

Please Note: Suppression lists are managed on a per-list basis.  
For example, if you have a list of emails to suppress from all lists you will need to upload the suppression list to all lists.  
(Enterprise Edition customers also have a Global Suppression List option available).