How to update one or more fields, and/or add additional fields with information to your existing contacts  


Create a CSV file/spreadsheet. The first column should include the email addresses in your list. You can then add remaining columns to be updated or added. 

Note: Fields that are not being updated do not need to be included.

When uploading, select 'Yes, overwrite existing contact details.'

Here is a more detailed explanation:


Assume you have a list called My-List with fields:

Email-address, First-Name, Last-Name and State


Perhaps you later decided that you need to add a field called "City" and you might want to also update the values for the field called "State."

Start with a spreadsheet in Excel or a similar spreadsheet program that has your contact email addresses in column #1.  Ensure the first cell has the title 'Email-Address'.

Note: You do not need to include values for the fields First-Name and Last-Name. You can, but it is not required since these fields, in our example, already have data.  

Now add 2 columns: City and State - enter the City and State values for each row / record.


Save the file as a CSV (NOT an Excel XLS) file. 

You can now use this spreadsheet to update your Pinpointe list:


Go to the Contacts tab -> Import Contacts

On the next page, highlight the contact list you would like to update the contacts in and select the 'Next >>' button.

 On the next screen, select:

  Overwrite Existing Details: Yes, overwrite existing contact details

  Contains Headers: Yes, this file contains headers

Select the spreadsheet you created by dragging it or loading it to the drop box and hit the "Next >>" button.

This will upload values into the fields 'City' and 'State' for all contacts.