First, you must create a 'Preferences Center' (a.k.a. Modify Contact Preferences or Modify Details) form. 

On the Pinpointe home screen, go to the Resources tab > Forms

On the next page, click the 'Create a Website Form' button - a new page will come up.

Click the box next to "Choose a Form Type," select "Preferences Center (Page Hosted By Pinpointe)" and name your form.

Select the contact lists and custom fields and change the field order (if applicable). Click the "Next >>" button.

Click through the remaining steps until the form is saved.

To allow users to modify the details of their subscription: 

(set their subscription preferences)

While in the WYSIWYG editor, place your curson where you would like to insert form placeholder. Then click the "Insert Forms" button.

A popup box will appear. Select the name of the Modify Details (Subscription Preferences) form you created previously. Click the "Insert Form" button.

This will generate code that must be placed in a link in your newsletter, pointing to a dynamically generated page.

To place this dynamic code into a link

  • Highlight the dynamic code (i.e. %%modifydetails_137%%) with your mouse
  • Cut it (CTL + X) 
  • Highlight text you would like to turn into the "Modify Details" link. 

  • Now click on the link icon (small Earth with a chain link on it) and a "Link" popup box will appear.
    for In the drop down box next to "Link Type," select "URL." In the drop down box under "Protocol," select "<other>" and in the "URL" box, paste the dynamic code (i.e. %%modifydetails_137%%)

  • Click the "OK" button and a link to your "Modify Details" page will show up when a subscriber clicks on the link

Below, see an example Subscription Preferences page that the contact is taken to when clicking the link above in their email - 

Modify Details (Subscription Preferences):

When the contact above clicks the Orange 'Update Preferences' Icon, all of their preferences will be updated