Pinpointe has added a new feature that allows you to directly edit most custom field values for a specific contact, and to also edit a campaign’s name and subject.


How to Modify A Contact’s Custom Field Values 

Your Pinpointe database is the primary repository for your contacts. As such, it holds various types of information about each individual contact. This can be as simple as just the email address, or it can include dozens of different categories (otherwise known as “Custom Fields”) such as names, addresses, titles, customer IDs, etc. 

Initially, you’ll load this information “in bulk” with a CSV file import, or you may opt to use Pinpointe’s API feature. Either solution is an efficient, time-saving method for loading a large population of contacts. However, there are times when you may need to edit or modify a specific category of information for a single contact. While this can be done with a CSV file import, for example, that can be a lot of work just to update, say, a contact’s title. 

To make this process easier, Pinpointe has added the ability for you to be able to modify most custom fields directly when viewing contacts in the View: [Database-name] page. 

1. Under the “Contacts” tab, select “Manage Database(s)” option.

2. You will be presented with a list of your databases. To the far right of each, you’ll see a column called “Action”. One of the options is “View Contacts”. Select that option.

Here is a closeup view of the “Activity Status” and “First Name” custom field columns. 

3. If you click on “Active” under “Activity Status” field for the top contact, you will be presented with a drop-down list of two options:

4. For example, assume you received an email from John Doe asking to be unsubscribed from future marketing emails. You could find Mr. Doe in your database, click “Active”, and from the two options, select “Unsubscribed”. After making this selection, click the blue checkmark to save your change. The screenshot below shows the result of your action.

5. Most types of custom fields, however, will allow you to enter any acceptable value. For example, you need to update Jane Smith’s last name to “Jones”. All you need to do is click on “Smith”, enter “Jones” as the new value, and click the blue checkmark.

How to Modify A Campaign’s Name and Subject Values

Pinpointe also allows you to edit and update your email campaign names and subject lines using the same process. 

To modify a campaign name or subject line, Click on the main “Email Campaigns” tab on the top menu bar, then select “Manage Campaigns” from the drop-down options. This will take you to the “View Email Campaigns” page. 

The image directly below shows the original name and subject for a campaign.

By clicking on the name and subject, you can edit the values. Shown below are the results of directly editing both name and subject. 

As always, you can contact Pinpoint Support for assistance by using the orange chat widget that appears in the lower right corner of your account app, or you can email us at