Pinpointe forms can be used with SumoMe, to display mailing list registration forms in popup windows on your website. Just paste your Pinpointe form code into SumoMe and it will work automatically. It will work with built-in and your custom fields. 

Create a Pinpointe Subscription Form

First, Create a Subscription Form in Pinpointe by going to:  Resources -> Forms,  and create your form.


  • Disable CAPTCHA - SumoMe does not support CAPTCHA

  • The SumoMe form is supported with the “HTML Only” Pinpointe form template. 

  • You can create your Pinpointe form using built-in fields as well as any custom fields.

  • Learn more about Pinpointe Forms here >

Once you've created the form in Pinpointe, you'll be copying the Pinpointe form code over to SumoMe.  

You can then select Resources -> Forms -> View HTML for the respective form. Here is what your Pinpointe code might look like:

Add Your Pinpointe Form to SumoMe

Visit for the steps needed to add SumoMe to your site. Once done, you need to install the List Builder tool. Click Sumo Store:

Click the List Builder button:

Click the Free button on the right:

A confirmation message will appear briefly. Then click the Open button.

It will ask you to choose a payment plan, but you can click Continue on the screen that appears to proceed with a free account:

The List Builder interface will appear. Click the Advanced button on the lower left hand side.

Then paste your form code into the dialog box, and click Save.

Editing Your SumoMe Popup

If you ever need to edit your form, you can access the SumoMe interface by visiting your website. Look for the sliding tab menu on the right. It will look like this:

If you don’t see this menu, you may need to visit and log in to SumoMe first. Click the crown icon, then the List Builder icon.

Release Notes

1.  Currently the SumoMe form is supported with the “HTML Only” Pinpointe form template.

2. CAPTCHA is not supported in this version.