If you purchase email credits on a recurring basis, but have used all of your email credits prior to month end and need more credits to get you through the month, you can purchase additional credits for the month. 


To purchase One-Time Credits

Log into your Pinpointe Account.  

On the home screen, click on the orange “Buy Credits” icon.



Note: This type of credits expires at the end of month of purchase.


You can also click on the Account Settings Link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Then, click on the upgrade/downgrade tab and select an upgrade or downgrade from your available options.  





Be sure to follow the directions, including entering the login id detailed in the instructions when you order to ensure proper credit to your account.  Otherwise, a separate account is created.  If you accidentally create a new account, please email support with your original account ID and your new account ID and support will delete the new account and add the proper credits to your old account.