Embedding a link to your Pinpointe-hosted Forward to Friend form within your campaign email is very easy. This article will show you how to embed the link as a clickable piece of text or as the action of a button click. We will first focus on adding the link to a campaign created in the Drag & Drop Campaign Builder. In the second section of the article, we will demonstrate how to add the link to an email created in the WYSIWYG Editor. 

Drag & Drop Builder:

For this example, we will use one of Pinpointe's pre-made templates to illustrate the sequence of steps. 

Adding the link as clickable text

Select the block element you want to add the text to that will contain the link. In the example below, two short sentences were added. We will attach the link to the end of the first string by placing our cursor there.


In the left-hand control panel, click the "Insert Form" option. From the drop down list of forms you have created, click the one you wish to link to. 


You will see the name of the form you selected added as a clickable link. By clicking on the link, you will bring up another control panel called "Link Options". Using the controls, you may change the linkable text in the campaign without changing the link itself.

You will also note the "Link Options" control panel shows the actual link variable: %%sendfriend_102%%.



Here we have changed the link text to read: "Forward to a friend". The link text in the email will change automatically as you type inside the "Text" field. The link text in the email campaign has now been updated.



You are all set. Make sure to save your campaign and your link is ready to go. 

Adding the link to a clickable button

First, add a button to your campaign and change the button label to your desired text. 


You will now have to select any text block and click inside the block as if you were going to add the link to a text string as described above. This will allow you to select the "Insert Form" menu option, then click the name of the form you want to link to. 


This will place the form name in your text block. Again, as described above, click on the name to bring up the "Link Options" control panel. The link variable name will appear in the top field. Highlight the variable name, right click and select "copy".


Now, click on the button you added / modified that will activate the form link when clicked. This will bring up the button control panel. Paste the form link variable you copied in the previous step into the "Button Link" field. Click "Done" at the bottom of the control panel. 


Now you can delete the temporary form link text you added.


This will just leave your linked button. Make sure to save your work.



Adding the link as clickable text


For this example, we have selected a desired location for the form link text. Next, click the "Insert Form" menu option and click on the name of the form you wish to link to.


This will create a linked text string in your campaign equal to the name of the form you selected. You can now use the WYSIWYG main tool bar at top or insert your own code to re-style your link.


Adding the link as clickable button

Adding a form link to a clickable button requires that you alter the HTML code in the Editor in two locations.

  1. You must alter the button label to reflect the desired text.
  2. You must make sure the <a> anchor tag references the correct link variable, such as "%%sendfriend_102%%.

Once the code changes have been made, remember to save your template. It is strongly suggested you send the email to an actual email address you have access to so that you may check that your button links are working as intended.