You can create your template, email campaign or autoresponder to look like your site by first using the option to 'Import a file from a website' when you create your email. This will draw your information from your site and make your email look exactly like it. You can then edit it to make it as you want.  


Additional Considerations:

  • You will need to remove any non-HTML code (for example, Javascript code). 

  •  If the site uses external references CSS stylesheets, you will need to incorporate the stylesheet into your email, or you will need to convert the CSS styles to inline HTML.

  •  Many email clients only support a subset of CSS style directives. Be sure to use Pinpointe’s built-in email previewer.  If you have tried to use CSS styles that are not supported by Outlook 2010 for example, the previewer will provide an error message indicating which style(s) are not supported.