Creating campaigns and pasting from Microsoft Word or Outlook is not recommended. 

Microsoft Word (any version) is known for creating non-standard, incorrect HTML code that is not supported by most email clients. Both Word and Outlook produce non-standard HTML code that usually does not display correctly in most email systems.  MS Word (ALL versions) and Outlook will also insert extraneous HTML code, and Outlook will add non-supported Javascript code.  It is not uncommon to create a 50 line email design in Word, that becomes 50,000 lines of HTML and Javascript code!  

If you are going to paste from MS Word or Outlook we recommend you do the following:

  • Paste your text into Notepad or Wordpad first - this will strip the extraneous, incorrect HTML code from your Word content; you can then paste from Notepad.


  • While you are in Pinpointe's WYSIWYG editor. Paste into the Pinpointe HTML editor using the 'Paste from Word' icon (4th icon from the left on the Editor toolbar - clipboard with 'W' logo.)  However, this usually cannot fully strip the MS Word codes out.

Other tools that work well include:

  • MS Publisher (easy and produces reasonable HTML code)
  • MS Expressions
  • GoLive, HighImpact (TemplateZone) 
  • MS Wordpad / Notepad