Video Widget

The Video widget allows you to add a video to a section grid or as a "child" element to a "parent" widget container such as a Carousel, Grid or Flex widget via a link to a public-facing Youtube or Vimeo video ID link.

The Video widget has two menus (see Fig 1 below).

Fig 1

General menu

The General menu for the Video widget contains three features (see Fig 2 below).

Fig 2

  • The Provider  feature (see Fig 3 below) gives you the option of selecting either YouTube or Vimeo as the platform where your video is hosted.

Fig 3

  • The Video ID feature provides an input field where you can insert the video's ID. See Fig 4 below.

Fig 4

  • The Show In Lightbox feature (see Fig 5 below) determines whether the video will be shown in what is known as a lightbox in the browser if the viewer clicks on the video. By default, this option will be checked to "on".

    Fig 6 below shows the browser-rendered video thumbnail, and Fig 7 below shows the result of the viewer clicking on the video if the feature is checked to "on". In Fig 7, the video has begun to play in the lightbox. If the Lightbox feature is toggled to "off", the video will begin to play in the thumbnail container.

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Style menu

The Style menu for the Video widget basically conforms to the general Style menu as described in this article: Style Menu Article. See Fig 8 below.

Fig 8