The Link Action feature (see Fig 1 below) allows you to make an element, such as a button, image, or icon a link. This link can direct the viewer to your website or another page in your Pinpointe-hosted landing page. This feature will usually be found in the General menu.

Fig 1

By default, the Link Feature toggle control will be set to "off". Toggling the feature to "on" will bring up the follow control menu (see Fig 2 below). PLEASE NOTE: The "Modal" option is not yet fully operational and should not be used at this time [edited 10/17/2023]

Fig 2

The "Url" option, which is selected by default, allows you to insert a full-path URL as the link destination. This option would be used to direct the viewer to another website such as the initial site's landing page or to a secondary page within the website. See Fig 3 below.

Fig 3

The Page option allows you to select a different page you have added to the Pinpointe Landing Page as the link destination. When you select this option, you will see the "page not set" button. If you only have the initial page created (referred to as the "Home" page), clicking on the button does nothing. However, if you have created additional pages, you will see a drop down list of the optional pages you can link to. Note: you will see "Home" as an option. This is to allow you to creat a page link in a secondary page that redirects back to the "Home" page. See Fig 4 below.

Fig 4