After viewing your list of bounced emails (see "How do I view a list of bounced email contacts?"), you may decide you want to export this information for further analysis.

1. Click the main "Contacts" tab option, then select the "Export Contacts" option from the drop down list. 

2. Select the database (or list / segment) from which you wish to export the bounced contacts. When finished, click the "Next >>" button.

3. On the pop-up window, deselect the "Active" option (will be checked by default) and check the "Bounced" option. Click "Continue" button when finished. 

4. On this next page, you will see the search fields have been auto-populated for you based on your selection of "Bounced" in the pop up window. Click the "Next >>" button. 

5. On the following page, we suggest you leave the defaults for "FILE FORMAT" and "EXPORT OPTIONS" sections unless you have a clear reason to modify them. Under the "FIELDS TO INCLUDE" section, we also suggest you leave all fields as presented. You will usually find it easier to modify the CSV file locally once you export the Pinpointe data. 

Click the "Next >>" button once your are ready to continue. 

6. Click the "Start Exporting" button. 

7. Click the link to start the download of the CSV file to your local system.

8. Depending on your computer's operating system, a file download message will appear on your screen. For example, in Windows 10, it will appear in the lower left corner. Click the file name in the message block and your system will open the CSV file for you.